These are Halloween witches I have lovingly gathered from all over the web. I do believe they are public domain graphics, but if I have mistakenly added a copyrighted image to this collection, please E-Mail Me and I will remove the offending item. DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO ANY OF THESE GRAPHICS. YOU MUST TRANSLOAD TO YOUR OWN SERVER!

Witches On Their Brooms

Witches Here!

Witches Brewing

Witch Cats

Witchy Backs

All Things Wizard

(E-cards & Halloween Facts)

The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Resources For Kids

Halloween Horror Cards

Halloween Ghost Cards

Tips For Surviving Scary Halloween Movies

A Bit Of Wicca Humor

I Was The Witch Lady

How To Tell Your Coven Is Getting Older

How To Tell If Your Neighbor Lady Is A Witch

Murphy's Law For Witches

Creepy, Crawly Halloween

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