~~ Movies I Made From Pine Valley ~~

I've been at Pine Valley since 1969 and my days are growing short !!
So since I have been the Web Master for a good while now, I made up a good many Photo Stories of different things happening at the club. I put them onto DVD's and gave a good many to different people but not all have seen them. I am putting some of them on this page for all to view and if anyone would want a DVD of any, just let me know.
Back in the good old days, we didn't have Digital Camera's or take many pictures at all and I sure wish I would have! --
I want to say that after the second world war a bunch of guys got together and bought the stripped out land and start building what we now have, A GREAT CLUB CALLED PINE VALLEY !! These guys fought to make this country free and do what we liked, BUT with the new "NO SMOKING LAWS!", it is my belief that the club will eventually fade away ??? --- If some people don't like the smoke, they ought to start their own club instead of shutting down our great club !!!!!!! --- Also my belief that 90% of all the things that people get is Hereditary and not from second hand smoke !!!!
Anyway, after all these years, there is now:
Enough for that subject !!!!

Anyway, I am old and not smart at all but did learn to make a Web Page and also Photo Stories.
I will list some below and I must warn the people that are on Dial Up, might have trouble opening some of them. They are a large file size ranging from 1 MB to a little over 9 MB. So be careful !!!!

The Ladies Auxilary only pays me for so much Bandwidth, so the below Movies are "Email size" and won't be real clear. The DVD's I make are PC size and are very clear!!!!

I made these stories as small a file size as I could and the pictures are not real clear, but on the DVD's they are !!!!

I will start out with my life at the club and some of the accomplishments that I have done!!
I am proud of every minute of it !!!! Click Here 22 Min. 12.3 MB

Story of some of the hunting parties from the old days.
And some other pictures. Click Here. 7 min - 12.7 MB

Old pictures 1983 and up, Mike & Bunnie retirement party, crouded nights, women celebrate Labor Day, many of the younger kids that are grown up now plus a lot more here. 23 1/2 min 8.6MB

Vacations with people from the club that goes way back, starting in 1983. here. 20 3/4 Min 7.4 MB

Alex Smith loaned me his Photo Albums of many old pictures he had taken with the guys from PC. I call it: "Alex Guys Fish Trips" These are the guys that go down south and north every year to fish and donate all the fish for the Fish Parties every year. Some names are: Alex, Trash, JR, Vodge, Duke, Tim, Buffy, Howard, Tarsh Dad, Bill and a few more. Thanks guys !!! here. 27 Min. 9.9 MB

I had to make this story of the night Jr & Romona stoped at the club after a wedding and was feeling good as you will see in the pictures. here. 5 1/2 Min 2MB

Every once in a while someone celebrates a Birthday at camp and when I take or get pictures sent to me, I put them on a Photo Story. Here are a good many as you will see! here. 16 Min 6 MB

Caretaker Leiann Cline had a 50 th. Birthday and Roger & daughter Daniell suprised her with a party. here. 12 1/2 Min 5.1 MB

My 75th Birthday was on a Thursday and my sneakey wife Shirrel sure suprised me when we went to the club on the following Saturday night as you will see if you look: here. 13 Min 4.8 MB

I made stories of a couple members weddings. The first if Ken & Vickie who got married on the dam of Lake #2. here.
6 1/2 Min 2.3 MB
Second is the Reception celebration party for Wilbur and Toni Moreland who got married in Vegas. It is: here. 9 Min 3.8 MB

I put together a story of Family Days of 2003, 2004 and 2005. here. 23 Min 8.2 MB

A story of four Holidays of 2005. Memoral Day, July 4th, Fish Fry and Family Day. here. 18 Min 6.4 MB

A story of the last three Holidays of 2005, Labor Day, Halloween and New Years party. here. 15 Min 5.4 MB

A short story of Easter of 2006. here. 7 Min 2.5 MB

July 4th, 2006. here. 4 Min 1.4 MB

Family Day 2006. here 14 Min 5.6 MB

Fish Fry 2006. here 4 Min 1.6 MB

Lab Day 2006, A good many pictures on it! here 10 Min 3.8 MB

Halloween 2006. Very short story. here 2 Min 744KB

Xmas 2006. here 7Min 2.6 MB

NYE 2006, nice croud compared to this year of 2008? here 11Min 4 MB

I made a Movie of just SOME of the dancers at the great parties we have at Pine Valley.
Family Day 2012 Check it out HERE 2:43 Min 31.9 MB

~~FAMILD DAY 2012~~
I made a couple short Video's of the dancers. First is in the sun, HERE
Second on other side and not clear, but Good!! HERE

I made a Movie of just SOME of the dancers at the great parties we have at Pine Valley.
Check it out HERE ~ (let load)

Me, (82 year old fool) and my wife Shirrel, still trying to Jitterbug at the 2013 Labor Day Party.

I'm 84 now and Shirrel 78 and we still try to Jitterbug at the Fish Fry 15, look HERE

This is all the room I have for the Photo Stories. The Ladies Auxiliary pays for my band width and it's getting LOW !!!!
Don't forget, if any of you might want to look at some of these stories later in the years, let me know and I will burn you any you want, FREE OF CHARGE !!! -- Just to remember me and some of the good times we have had at the club.

Please let me know if any of you liked or disliked the movies?
Send to here email me. (zipzap31@msn.com)

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