"My Years at Pine Valley Since 1968"

No one ask me to make this PV page and since I did it on my own, I think I have the right to put a little of my life in it!

Most of you probably won't even read this but I will say a little of some of the things I've done for the club and how I became a member.

A trustee by the name of Gorden Hill ask me to bring my 16 foot "Run-A-Bout" Glasstron Boat out on family day to ride the children (and grown up's) on lake #4, not for money but for all the Beer & Hot Dogs I could eat & drink and they would furnish the Oil & Gas. Some of you might remember !!

I fell in love with the place and joined the following year "1969" also bought the Trailer and leased the lot.
I never took too many pictures but the ones that I did, are below.

The Caretaker and I were the only ones there at the time. There was a 12 inch limit on the height of grass on lots at the time but it wasn't enforced until the lot owners made the club look as great as it does now and than the trustees changed it to "6" in. limt?

I took it on my own to clear from the road to the lake but finally did get a work day for every 50 feet that I cleared which took weeks for each. After I cleared it, I had to remove stumps, level it out so I could cut the grass with the small Rideing Mower that I bought. I cut all of it for years till the club finally realized how nice it looked, than they start having it cut.

I never ran for any office and my name is not on anything at the club and I will be long for gotten after I'm gone but I and others know some of the things that I've done for the club!

Since I was there four days a week, the Park Foreman always managed to come to me for anything that had to be done right away. Just some of the things I've done were like cutting low hanging branches, also going up to where we turned the Pheasants loose, painting all the poles red white & blue for the Centennial Year, repairing broken water lines, clearing & putting up the TV Antenna & Rotor for the Club House on top of hill, put Antenna at the Caretakers, scraping up too much slag on entrance road after it was Chipped & Sealed (long road, by myself), putting a new Bath Tub and added the Shower Stall with all fixtures in the Caretakers House, repairing five broken frozen water lines at the Caretakers House when the power was off for three days in the winter, in the attic where craw space was minimal and frozen lines were at the end of roof where they came up through the wall !!!!!, laying out five Horse Shoe Courts, drilling the holes in the Railroad Ties for the pegs etc,building the frames, making all the covers!, many many hours of weedwacking and grass cutting too, planted hundreds of Hickory Nuts with my Motorcycle for future nut trees,
I could go on and on but you are not interested so I'll quit. I know what I've done and that's all that counts.

I did my whole lot with just a pick, shovel and wheel barrow. When Bob Kovach got his lot, three away from me, we got a Bulldozer to take the hump off the lots at the bottom of our lots from when they cut the road so we could cut the grass and make it look better, no one now days know about that !!!

Anyway, the few picture that I took and still have are below, I'm proud of what I've done and someday someone will have a really nice place because of me. I hope they like it as much as I have !!!!

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This is Shirrel & I then?? (we don't look like that now !! )

Note! Look at the last two pictures of Before & After looks of my lot and
what I've done for the club!!

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