I tried to get someone to make a "PVSC Web Page" with no success.

I'm new at HTML and will do my best to post events, covered dishes, shoots, meetings and all the other things.

I have posted my email address on the main page for suggestions or feedback.


I also tried to get someone to write me about how & when the club got started but no one will do it.

All the original "Charter Members" are just too old and there offspring just don't want to help. Most of them don't have PC's and the other ones don't have the time.

I think the page is a great thing, especially for the members that can't get to the club very often.-----I have spent many hours making the page and will spend many more if people appreciate it and let me and the Officers at the club know about it.

I've been out there since 1968, joined in 1969 and the way I understand, a group of guys got together and bought the land from a "Coal Company" after the Second World War in about 1947 or 1948.

I think the first Club House was a "Street Car", then a club house that had the misfortune to have caught fire and burned to the ground.

There are some pictures of some of the people that started breaking ground etc.---Someone is supposed to be getting me some old photos and scanning them and sending them to me, but like I said, people just don't take the time to do things.---When I get the pictures, I will be putting them on the page for all to see what a great club we have and the many, many thanks to all the "Charter Members" that did so much for all of us. I have spent 38 years of my life there and I hope to spend many more???

Many thanks to the Charter Members and also to the others that made the club the way it looks now.

If anyone wants to add any more to this, just email me and I will gladly put it in.

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