"Live your life
and forget your age"

- Norman Vincent Peale

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."

- Gen. George Patton

"Stress is when you wake up screaming, and then realize that you haven't fallen asleep yet."

- Emo Phillips

"Never go to your high school reunion pregnant or they will think that is all you have done since you graduated."

- Erma Bombeck

"I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks."

- Daniel Boone

"The happiest people I have known have been those who gave themselves no concern about their own souls, but did their uttermost to mitigate the miseries of others."

- Elizabeth Cady Stanton


"If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure. It transcends all barriers."

- Ed Sullivan

“Anyone can give up,
it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.”

- Michael Peterson

"A sure way to lose happiness, I found, is to want it at the expense of everything else."

- Bette Davis

"There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can't do any business from there."

- Colonel Sanders

"Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity."

- W. Clement Stone

Blog Page RE: Britney Spears

She'll stop when She's had enough. Maybe losing the kids was not enough.

"An addict who does not want to stop using will not stop using. They can be analyzed, counseled, reasoned with, prayed over, threatened, beaten, or locked up, but they will not stop until they want to stop."

- Narcotics Anonymous


"Whatever you are ready for is ready for you."

- Reverend Ike

"There are years that ask questions, and years that give answers."

- Zora Neale Hurston

"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof."

- Barbara Kingsolver

"I may not understand, but I am willing to admire."

- Anthony Hope

"If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system."

-William James

"To be intoxicated is to feel sophisticated..but not being able to say it."

- George Carlin


"I'm an Engineer, I build machines... Most of them don't work; but I try."

- Smokin' George
On American Inventor

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."

- Sydney J. Harris

"Ordinary people merely think how they shall 'spend' their time; a person of talent tries to 'use' it."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

"The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes and fears rather than with their minds."

- Will Durant

"If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused."

- Walter F. Mondale

"All human wisdom is summed up in two words -- wait and hope."

- Alexandre Dumas


"I believe that true wisdom and understanding is only found in the process of helping others. It's like that tiny star that you can only see if you don't look directly at it. Once you take focus from yourself in the pursuit of helping someone else, everything else becomes clear."

- Paul Eisenstein

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."

- Ambrose Redmoon

"It's not change, but our daily resistance to it that causes us so much pain."

- Douglas Smith

"Lots of people are willing to die for the person they love, which is a pity, for it is a much grander thing to live for that person."

- Jason Hurst

"Through the years I've learned that pain is often a pathway to a possibility."

- Tammie Fowles

"We can all be angels to one another. We can choose to obey the still small stirring within, the little whisper that says,
'Go. Ask. Reach out. Be an answer to someone's plea. You have a part to play. Have faith.'
The world will be a better place for it. And wherever they are, the angels will dance."

- Dee Firland


"I have great faith in fools;
self-confidence my friends call it."

- Edgar Allen Poe

"If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in eye and say, 'I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.'"

- Ann Landers

"We must learn our limits.

We are all something,

but none of us are everything."

- Blaise Pascal

"I love making people laugh. It's an addiction and it's probably dysfunctional, but I am addicted to it and there's no greater pleasure for me than sitting in a theater and feeling a lot of people losing control of themselves."

- Jay Roach

"Artists are extremely lucky who are presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill them. Beethoven's deafness, Goya's deafness, Milton's blindness, that kind of thing. Among the greatest pieces of luck for high achievement is ordeal. I hope to be nearly crucified."

- John Berryman

"Why does the Air Force need expensive new bombers? Have the people we've been bombing over the years been complaining?"

- George Wallace


"Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody's power, that is not easy."

- Aristotle

"Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can."

- Richard Bach

"There's not a single human being who needs a drill. They need a hole. So you're not in the drill business, you're in the hole business. And, actually, nobody needs a hole - they need to HANG ART.
And nobody needs to hang art, they need a BETTER-LOOKING ROOM, they need to be HAPPIER. So Black & Decker is in the happy business! So is every other company."

- Craig Kanarick

"Keep your sense of humor. There's enough stress in the rest of your life to let bad shots ruin a game you're supposed to enjoy."

- Amy Strum Alcott
(US Golfer)

"A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments, soccer games, romances, best friends, location of friend's houses, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house."

- Erma Bombeck

"The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive is in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results."

- Michael LeBeur


"Middle age is when you're sitting at home on Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you."

- Ogden Nash

"The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem."

- Theodore Rubin

"No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently."

- Agnes DeMille

"Don't grieve forever. Anything you lose comes round in another form."


"My idea creates my behavior which creates results that I can achieve."

- Terry Cole-Whittaker

"Making mistakes simply
means you are learning faster."

- Weston H. Agor


"The man who doesn't relax and hoot a few hoots voluntarily, now and then, is in great danger of hooting hoots and standing on his head for the edification of the pathologist and trained nurse, a little later on."

- Elbert Hubbard

"If you're in control you're not going fast enough."

- Parnelli Jones

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."

- Bertrand Russell

"Happiness is associated with being passionate about something."

- George Plimpton

"Believe in the intelligence of men, power of nature, Believe in the certainty of change, and the fundemental principles of living -- Integrity and compassion."

- PK Shiu

"Among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

- Maya Angelou


"Really great people have a curious feeling that the greatness is not in them, but through them.Therefore, they are humble."

- John Ruskin

"The truth of the matter is that you ALWAYS know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it."

- General H. Norman Schwarzkoft

"We must embrace pain and
burn it as fuel for our journey."

- Miyazawa Kenji

"Part of being sane,
is being a little bit crazy."

- Janet Long

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance."

- Bruce Barton

"God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars."

- Elbert Hubbard


"To live for some future goal is shallow. It's the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top."

- Robert M. Pirsig

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

- Leo Buscaglia

"Smile alot Today.
Tomorrow may be worse."

- Emo Phillips

"Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. How many are left?

There are still five...because there's a difference between deciding and doing."

- Mark L. Feldman

"When we combine the power of self-belief with pure motives there is very little we cannot achieve. Using this power wisely to bring benefit to everyone in our lives, we can rest assured that everything we need will steadily flow our way."

- Julia Sorel

"The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money."

- Bernard Meltzer


"Every so often, I like to go to the window, look up, and smile for a satellite picture."

- Steven Wright

"Having more money does not ensure happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars."

- Hobart Brown

"When we put things off until some future — probably mythical — Laterland, we drag the past into the future.The burden of yesterday's incompletions is a heavy load to carry. Don't carry it."

- Peter McWilliams

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."

- John Ruskin

"All human wisdom is summed up in two words: wait and hope.

- Alexandre Dumas

"I have nothing to do,
and I'm doing it tomorrow."

- Elaine Stritch


"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are."

- Bernice Johnson Reagon

"It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope."

- Ursula LeGuin

"Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar, or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that's when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it."

- John Maxwell

"If you can't, you must.
If you must, you can."

- Anthony Robbins

"When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that's my religion."

- Abraham Lincoln

"Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed."

- George Burns


"It has taken me all my life to understand it is not necessary to understand everything."

- Rene Coty

"Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen."

- Mort Sahl

"Leap, and the net will appear."

- Julie Cameron

"You have been told that Real Life is not like college, and you have been correctly informed. Real Life is more like high school."

- Meryl Streep

"One can never speak enough of the virtues, the dangers, the power, of shared laughter."

- Francois Sagan

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

- Carl Bard


"We do not suddenly become what we do not cooperate in becoming"

-William J. Bennett

"When you are right, you have no need to be angry. When you are wrong, you have no right to be angry."

-Mahatma Gandhi

"The price of greatness is responsibility."

-Sir Winston Churchill

"It is a great nuisance that knowledge can be acquired only by hard work."

- W. S. Maugham

"To be upset over what you don't have, is to waste what you do have."

- Ken Keyes

"The only thing that ever sat it's way to success was a hen."

- Sarah Brown


"A bend in the road isn't the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn."

- Allie Evans

"Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

- Og Mandino

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

- Zig Ziglar

"A mind at peace, a mind focused on not harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

"It's not what you take, when you leave this world behind you. It's what you leave behind you, when you go."

- Randy Travis

"Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent."

- Bob Keeshan
(Capt. Kangaroo)


"WORRY is like riding a roller coaster... it scares the heck out of you... and you always end up right where you started!"

- Tom Wilson

"It is the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but it is the little differences that make them interesting."

- Todd Ruthman

"Swearing was invented as a compromise between running away and fighting."

-F. Peter Dunne

"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will the dog not scold you, he will make a fool of himself too."

-Samuel Butler

"Cats seem to go on the principle that it never does any harm to ask for what you want."

-J. W. Krutch

"It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat up people."

- Mohammad Ali


"The secret of happiness is the determination to be happy always, rather than wait for outer circumstances to make one happy."

- J. Donald Walters

"Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks."

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened."

- Rev. Billy Graham

"Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day. Rich people can't buy more hours. Scientists can't invent new minutes. And you can't save time to spend it on another day. Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow."

- Denis Waitley

"Don't believe in miracles....
depend on them."

- Lawrence J. Peter

"When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities."

- Matt Groening







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