"Poertry In Motion"

"Poetry In Motion"

~Poetry is like music in motion.

It has a language of its own, expressing your deepest feelings and emotions. It is like a bird in flight, taking you to the highest heights; it is like a dolphin at sea, diving into the waters, reaching into the depths of your soul.

An though everyone may not relate to it, it is a thing of beauty.

I have gathered a collection of original poems that expresses such beauty which I have written. Please enjoy, and hopefully, they will somehow enlighten you.~

~Come!!!! Be inspired, be happy, be sad, be uplifted. Whatever you desire to feel, it is here for you.~

  • A Mother's Love

  • A Thank You

  • Courage

  • Daddy's Little Girl

  • For All My Sisters

  • Friends

  • I'll Still Be In Love

  • Love On Canvass

  • The Meaning of Love

  • Wind Beneath My Wings

  • THANK YOU Dee! Absolutely gorgeous and very special.  Received - July 17, 2002

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