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Hi. Let me introduce myself. My name is Gilda, better known as Miss G, and I am the webmistress behind Miss G's Domain. I live in the state of Virginia, where I have resided all my life. I have three children, three beautiful grandchildren, Damon, age 21, Britni, age 16, and Zehvion, age 6. The grandchildren keep me active, alert, and young in spirit.

I am presently retired from the federal government after 26 years of service. Whoo, hoo!! I am currently working part-time in a doctor's office as a Chiropractic Assistant/Bookkeeper. The money is not as lucrative as my previous job but the stress level is very low. Whew! I am still pursuing my business at Gilda's Bridal Creations but only on my time, at my pace.


A friend introduced me to WebTV. I used it for about a month and decided to purchase my own. I bought my WebTV in the summer of 1999 for informational purposes only. But as time went by I became interested in developing webpages. I began creating pages during the Christmas holidays while on vacation. Creating webpages became a passion and a hobby with me.

In September 2000 I purchased a computer. The computer has made things a lot easier and a lot faster. And even though I do have a computer, I have continued to keep my WebTV. That's my spare in case the computer ever crashes. I call it my "webputer".

When visiting here, you will venture into many areas of interest for both the young and the old. I hope you find Miss G's Domain a place in which you would like to visit over and over again. As always do enjoy your visit here.

Featured Sites on My HomePage

Wind Beneath My Wings
Site devoted and dedicated to my Parents.

Shop Till You Drop
A place where you can sit back, relax, and shop till your heart's content.

The Meaning of Love
First impressions are lasting impressions.

Poetry In Motion
A selection of poems written by me.

Black Businessess & Entrepreneurs in Our Communities
Black businesses worldwide.

Some Favorite Links

Amber Swann Publishing: Published works centered around interracial novels, interracial short stories, interracial poetry, interracial drama series, written by Mercedes Keyes.

This is Toni's Place: A retired singer from California, who has become a dear friend. Before leaving, visit her store of caftans at Toni's Treasures Forever and also visit her kitchen of recipes at Toni's Kitchen

Kitty's Custom Graphcs and Designs: A friend from New York, who has helped me with my graphics and designs. She creates beautiful theme sets.

AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe: One of the best post card shop to visit.

Carlene Shuler Brown: An artist from South Carolina. You will find magnificant originial paintings and prints here.

Miss G

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